International Wrist Center, in collaboration with IWAS (International Wrist Arthroscopy Society) organizes courses in prestigious IRCAD centers.


Dear colleagues,

Who's interested in wrist arthroscopy surgery ?

The IRCAD team is organizing a new online Masterclass with live and pre-recorded operative demonstrations.
It will be the opportunity for you to interact with our international experts and receive a certificate of attendance.


Kindest regards,

Professor Christophe Mathoulin


1/ IRCAD Strasbourg :

25/26th February 2022 : Master courses IRCAD Masterclass, Wrist arthroscopy master course, follow the link.

 Please click on this link           

Contact - Informations : -


2/ IRCAD Baretos : Advanced and Master Course 2022 (date to be defined)

Contact - Informations : Gustavo Mantovani Ruggiero


3/ IRCAD Taïwan : April 2022 Course (date to be defined)

Contact - Informations : Dorothy Huang - Wei Jen Chen


4/ Other IWAS Courses :

IWAS Courses Meeting Calendar

Contact - Informations : Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt ; Henk Coert