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The IWC is located at the Clinique Bizet in Paris France. Clinique Bizet is a private multidisciplinary medical and surgery centre that has been run by the Hexaone Santé group since 2014: CLinique BIZET in PARIS (France).
Its ultramodern technical facilities were entirely redone in 2016 to keep pace with the developments in arthroscopic surgery and radiology (x-rays, ultrasound, MRI, CT scan).

Day surgery makes up 95% of the volume at the IWC. At our dedicated functional rehabilitation centre, patients are guided in their recovery of strength and motion after wrist surgery and receive custom-made postoperative braces and splints.

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All surgeons are IWAS members and specialized in wrist surgery, particularly minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.

Speciality: wrist surgery, arthroscopy, hand surgery
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Specialty: Hand, wrist and elbow surgery, microsurgery, arthroscopy.
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Spéciality : Hand and upper limb surgery
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Spéciality : Hand and upper limb surgery, microsurgery, peripheral nerve surgery
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Our anaesthesiologists are specialized in local and regional anaesthesia. They often use ultrasound imaging to ensure the accuracy of their manipulations.

  Dr Gilles Dumesnil  Spécialités : anesthésiste
  Dr Mohamme Cheikh  Spécialités : anesthésiste
  Dr André Sokoloff  Spécialités : anesthésiste


Our therapists are specialized in hand rehabilitation, particularly post-traumatic conditions or wrist surgery. They also prepare custom braces and splints for each patient.

  M. Didier Galloy  Spéciality : physiotherapy
  Mme Fanny Carn  Spéciality : physiotherapy
  Mme Marie Akhrich  Spéciality : physiotherapy


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