In 2007 Climba was born, an outpatient institution with three clear objectives: to treat problems of the hands and upper extremities in a friendly environment, to spread our knowledge among young surgeons and to teach them to become accomplished professionals. Our areas of surgical expertise include upper extremity trauma (from hand to shoulder); orthopedic pathology of this region; wrist, elbow and shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty; and rheumatoid arthritis, among others.

Climba (“Clínica de la Mano de Buenos Aires” - Buenos Aires Hand Clinic) is a clinic with more than 15 years of experience specialized in hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery that has 20 recognized surgeons in our country. We have a Fellowship program that lasts 2 years. Currently 4 Fellows are in training within this program. In addition, we receive visitors from all over the world with the aim of observing surgeries and medical consultations. Our Fellowship program is approved by the Argentine Association of Hand Surgery.

Our fellowship director, Dr. Gustavo Gomez Rodriguez, organizes all fellow activities and coordinates visiting fellows. We have also created an Alumni Association, that allows us to establish a network for continuing education, case discussions, and social meetings.

We are an ambulatory facility, and we perform about 2,600 surgeries and about 25,000 consultations each year. Our location is in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, where you can find a quiet singular cultural experience. There is a combination of a South American flair with European Elegance around Climba. Cultural offers are wide, and Cuisine is exquisite, ranging from the traditional “Asado” to more elaborate preparations with influences of every part of the world. Buenos Aires is a friendly city, with lots of public transportation, and a vast range of accommodation for temporary stays.

Climba opens its doors at 7 am every day. We have all day long OR activities and clinics. The Fellows are free to observe surgeries or clinics, but we strongly encourage to "follow” the patients, so they can see the rationale behind the diagnosis, the surgery and postoperative care. We also have strong bonds with the rehabilitation service, so they can discuss postoperative rehabilitation with them. In Climba, Fellowship are encouraged to participate in all scientific activities. We have case presentations with bibliographic discussions every week, and once a month we have a multicenter discussion panel, where our fellows and others present cases and we have state of the art discussions about them.

Climba Address: Viamonte 1632, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: +5491143996229