Seasonal Wrist Forum

Supervisor : Philippe Liverneaux, Christophe Mathoulin.


Participants :

Christophe Mathoulin (France), Philippe Liverneaux (France), Mathilde Gras (France), Bo Liu (Chine), René Andres Jorquera Aguilera (Chili), Eva Maria Baur (Allemagne), Jean Ragnar Haugstvedt (Norvège), Clara Wong(Hong Kong) Guillaume Herzberg (France), Shanlin Chen (China), Adrian Smit (South Africa), Marion Burnier (France).

Lecture : Chairman Mathilde Gras (France)

1/ Arthroscopic bone grafting for Scaphoid nonunion : where are we in 2019 ? Clara Wong (Hong-Kong, SAR China)

2/ Is bone graft always necessary for scaphoid delayed and nonunion? (Bo Liu, China)


Re-Live Surgery : Chairman Jérome Garret (France)

1/ Mini invasive procedure for plating in distal radius fracture : Philippe Liverneaux

2/ Arthroscopic bone grafting in bone lunate ganglion : Christophe Mathoulin


Forum of clinical cases :

Chairman : Philippe Liverneaux
IT Responsible : Lorenzo Merlini (France)

Invited experts (to be finalized) :

Rene Andres Jorquera Aguilera (Chile)

Shanlin Chen (China)

Eva Maria Baur (Germany)

Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt (Norway)

Guillaume Herzberg (France)

Adrian Smit (South-Africa)

Marion Burnier (France)

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