Seasonal Wrist Forum

Responsable : Philippe Liverneaux, Christophe Mathoulin.

updated 2020-01-28

Participant :

Christophe Mathoulin (France), Philippe Liverneaux (France), Mathilde Gras (France), Bo Liu (Chine), René Andres Jorquera Aguilera (Chili), Eva Maria Baur (Allemagne), Jean Ragnar Haugstvedt (Norvège), Clara Wong(Hong Kong) Guillaume Herzberg (France), Shanlin Chen (China), Adrian Smit (South Africa), Marion Burnier (France).


Lecture: Chairman Christophe Mathoulin (France)

1/ Arthroscopic management of Dorsal Wrist Impingement : a light in the darkness. Martin CLOIA (Argentina)

2/ Treatment od DRUJ Instability by reconstruction of the Distal Interosseus Membrane :
is the Distal Oblique Band (DOB) really important ?  Gustavo MANTOVANI (Brazil)


Re-Live Surgery : Chairman Guillaume HERZBERG (France)

1/ Ulnar sided wrist pain - Wafer procedure. Eva Maria BAUR (Germany)

2/ Arthroscopic radial styloidectomy : Marion BURNIER (France)


Forum of clinical cases :

Chairman : Philippe Liverneaux
IT Responsible : Lorenzo Merlini (France)

Invited experts:

Andrea ATZEI (Italy)
Andrew CHIN (Singapore)
Rodney FRENCH (Canada)
Pak-Cheong HO (China)
Toshiyasu NAKAMURA (Japan)

Shahram NAZERANI (Iran)
Dimitri YANNIV (UK)
Jeffrey YAO (USA)
Zhe ZHAO (China)


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