Cruces University Hospital is the largest public university hospital in the Basque Country and one of the largest in Spain. Is a reference center for traumatic patients, tumors, pediatric orthopedics, and reconstructive limb surgery.Our hospital is known for its excellence in orthopedic surgery.

The upper limb surgery unit is composed of 5 orthopedic surgeons, all with extensive experience in arthroscopic surgery. We have 5 operating rooms per week and one WALANT surgery room per week.

We cover all areas of wrist pathology,  reconstructive surgery and selected trauma cases. Many of these procedures are performed arthroscopically. Some examples include ganglion cyst , CMC and STT resection arthroplasty for thumb arthritis, scaphoid fractures and non-unions, repair/reconstruction for scapholunate instability and TFCC , partial wrist arthrodesis, first row carpectomy, and wrist arthrolysis.

In prosthetic surgery, we have extensive experience in trapeziometacarpal arthroplasty, as well as partial and total (Scheker) distal radioulnar joint prostheses and total wrist prostheses.

It is possible to do fellowships in our unit , taking part into daily activities. Fellows will not only expand their knowledge and expertise in wrist surgery, but also enjoy the vibrant  city of Bilbao and  build important relationships with  peers and mentors that will last a lifetime.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information .

Dr. Carlos Perez-Uribarri

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1 - Global activity

>Hand and Upper extremity unit, part of an orthopedic a trauma service, in a large university hospital . Cruces hospital is  the  biggest teaching hospital in the Basque Country ,north of Spain. The Hand and Upper Unit is integrated by 5  senior orthopedic surgeons ,  with extensive arthroscopic experience.

2 - Wrist activity

> Covering all the areas in wrist surgery, from reconstructive (CMC,  total wrist , radioulnar … ) to selected  and complex trauma case.

3 - Wrist arthroscopy practice

> Most part of wrist surgeon is managed total or partially assisted by arthroscopy, Including:

Scaphoid fractures  and non union ( PC Ho technical )
TFCC repair and reconstruction . ( Atzei and Carratalá technical )
Partial  carpal arthrodesis
SL repair and reconstruction with PL and augmentation
Partial trapezoid resection and distraction or interposition  for thumb  cmc

We have 6 OR / week

4 - Possibility of receiving visitors

> Of course, Scrub in is possible

5 - Existence of a fellowship or not ?

> No at this time. We have 2 orthopedic and trauma residents at the unit

6 - Who is member of IWAS

> yes I am : Carlos Perez-Uribarri  [ ]

7 - Center address

Hospital Universitario de Cruces
Plaza del hospital s/n
48903 Barakaldo Bizkaia