Dear Friends,

IWC is a non–profit  Association that  was founded in order to promote teaching of young Fellow Surgeons, involving them in  international cultural exchange of knowledge about Wrist Arthroscopy and Wrist Surgery.

Different International qualified Wrist Surgery Centers are inter-connected  to share clinical experiences, surgical techniques of Wrist Arthroscopy and Wrist Surgery.

Fellows will be stimulated to improve their skills in  clinical examination and surgical techniques, treat difficult cases, create videos, and produce scientific work during their International experience.

While being conscious of the difficulties due to the pandemia, Fellows have continued to travel this year  and will continue do to so, as learning and update  is of paramount importance in the medical field!

Our goal is to  help young surgeons to publish their works and be involved in IWC Meetings and activities with new skills and  new ideas.
With our Secretary General Lorenzo Merlini, we will keep on going on with our objectives  and I wish everyone a very nice holidays!!



Jane C Messina, MD, PhD

President of International Wrist Centres 2021-22