Dr. Chul Ki Goorens

Our orthopedic service, Hagelandse Orthopedische Praktijk, consists of 10 highly specialized orthopedic surgeons, including our hand/wrist unit with 3 full-time hand surgeons: Dr. Chul Ki Goorens, Dr. Niels Debaenst and Dr. Bart Kestens.

Wrist Arthroscopy has significantly changed the management of several wrist joint pathologies in recent decades. It has improved the diagnosis, biomechanical and anatomical understanding, and the repair of many lesions using minimally invasive techniques. Ultrasound-guided release of carpal tunnel or trigger finger is one of the latest techniques, showing promising results in reducing postoperative pain and improving recovery time.

Our hand unit is led by Dr. Chul Ki Goorens, who has more than 15 years of experience in wrist arthroscopy and also performs ultrasound-guided release procedures. He is a member of the International Wrist Arthroscopy Society (IWAS), a permanent member of the Belgian Hand Group, and an associate member of the Societé Française de Chirurgie de la Main. He serves as a co-organizer of the wrist module and examiner for the Belgian Hand Surgery Certificate. Additionally, he has been a faculty member for both national and international wrist arthroscopy courses. He serves as an internship coordinator for orthopedic surgeon registrars. Dr. Goorens is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Hand & Microsurgery and frequently reviews articles for various hand and wrist journals. He has published extensively in different hand and wrist journals and co-authored several book chapters, including research on Wrist Arthroscopy and the minimal invasive treatment of distal radial fractures. His latest research focuses on scapholunate dysfunction, including collaboration with renowned expert Dr. Andrea Atzei.

Our service is pleased to host Fellows who are interested in hand and wrist surgery, with a specific interest in Wrist Arthroscopy. We have dedicated operating sessions and an outpatient clinic for these pathologies, and we organize theoretical sessions for residents and fellows in training. Dr. Chul Ki Goorens will support Fellows in their scientific research endeavors.

Location: Regional Hospital Tienen, Kliniekstraat 45, 3300 Tienen, Belgium

Contact: For more information and applications, please email: cgoorens@msn.com