Established in 2007, the São Paulo Hand Center specializes in hand and wrist surgery along with reconstructive and robotic microsurgery. Every phase of treatment is available here: diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation.

Dr G. Mantovani Ruggiero, a hand surgeon and reconstructive/robotic microsurgery specialist, seeks to expand the use of hand surgery and microsurgery techniques worldwide, along with the treatment of medical conditions affecting the hands, wrists and peripheral nerves.

The São Paulo Hand Center hosts short-term and long-term fellowships for Brazilian and foreign surgeons who want to improve their knowledge and skills in hand surgery and microsurgery. The fellowship is recognized by the International Bone Research Association, a Swiss institute that promotes education and research in the orthopedics field. A scholarship is available to defray the costs of living (housing, meals, etc.) during the fellowship.

This fellowship supplements official specialization training in hand surgery but is not recognized as a residency in hand surgery by the Brazilian Society of Hand Surgery.


In collaboration with the International Wrist Arthroscopy Society, the IWC organizes webinars that feature live feeds of scientific presentations, surgical procedures and clinical case discussions. These webinars are led by international experts on-site and all participants can interact using the chat feature. The webinars are recorded and then made available for free on WebSurg, the largest online minimally invasive surgery library. There is no cost to participate.

To contact the Fellowship program :

by mail : Dr Mantovani
by Form : Click Here