Wrist and Hand Unit – Hospital Cuf Tejo

The Orthopaedic Department of the Hospital Cuf Tejo in Lisbon, Portugal, is highly specialised and is made up of 35 orthopaedic surgeons. The Wrist and Hand Unit is a multidisciplinary unit led by Dr Carla Ricardo Nunes (Orthopaedic Surgeon) in close collaboration with Plastic Surgery, Rheumatology, Rehabilitation and Radiology. The unit has four dedicated orthopaedic surgeons: Dr Carla Ricardo Nunes, Dr Catarina Neto Pereira, Dr Diogo Ramalho and Dr Raquel Teixeira. The first two are members of IWAS, the four are members of SPOCMA (Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery) and the Wrist and Hand Study Group of SPOT (Portuguese Society of Orthopaedics).

The unit focuses on minimally invasive techniques and innovations such as arthroscopy and ultrasound-guided surgery.

The use of arthroscopy has changed our understanding of the biomechanics of the wrist and hand, allowing less aggressive and more physiological treatment. The last few years have changed our practice with regard to traumatic and degenerative wrist and hand pathology.

Ultrasound has also changed our assessment of patients in the daily clinical setting, allowing safer procedures such as injections and minimally invasive surgery under safe vision.

We have a dedicated outpatient clinic and operating theatres for the wrist and hand.

Our unit is headed by Dr Carla Ricardo Nunes, who has a special interest in wrist arthroscopy and over 12 years of experience in the technique. She has been a faculty member in several national arthroscopy courses, she has organised courses in wrist and hand surgery and seminars on wrist arthroscopy topics. She has been responsible for training residents in wrist and hand surgery. Over the years, she has presented several papers on wrist arthroscopy at national and international congresses.

Our unit already hosts fellows sent by SPOCMA - Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery, and is happy to host fellows with a specific interest in wrist arthroscopy.


Location: Hospital Cuf Tejo, Av. 24 de Julho 171A, 1350-352 Lisboa

Web site: https://www.cuf.pt/hospitais-e-clinicas/hospital-cuf-tejo/centros/unidade-do-punho-e-mao

Contact: For further information carla.ricardonunes@gmail.com